The Future of Gaming

A colossal world
like no other on the blockchain

Build and own shelters in the large, wild and dangerous Realms of Ethernity Metaverse.

Towns are an integral part of the game, teeming with NPCs, stores, quests and scenarios for players to discover. And who knows what secrets may abound in the shadowy alleys…

Fight treacherous monsters along the way.

The monstrous species outnumber the civilized species a hundred to one. Cleave your way through the wilderness, and discover treasures beyond the imagination of mortals!

Tons of mysterious NFT treasures awaiting

Completing quests, vanquishing strong foes, and exploring secret areas will earn you handsome, unique rewards with real world value.
Let your skills pave your way to riches and glories!
4 races. 12 clans. Thousands of customizable and unique NFT characters for representing your bravery and courage.
Located in the major towns, the in-game play-to-earn casinos might reward you a bountiful fortune.
Are you ready to enter
the Realms of Ethernity?
The most massive, mythical and fearless virtual worlds beyond all imagination.
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