Meet our Global Core Team - the brilliant minds behind the Blockbuster Game Realms of Ethernity.

Decentralised Investment Group - Main Investor
Haydn Ross Snape
Liam Hodges
Chief Sales Officer
Joshua Snape
Chief Legal Officer
Justas Pikelis
Lilli Brant
Chief Marketing Officer
Niz Mahmood
Chief Technology Officer
Meteor Baumgart
Senior Marketing Manager
Krishna Bala
Community Lead
Nehemiah Isamotu (Bett)
Senior Copywriter & Community Manager
Wild Thunder Studio - Game Developer
Dustin Nguyen
CEO - Founder
Trung Kien Nguyen Vu
Head of Game Design
Jack Levy
Project Manager
Tung Nguyen Thanh
Game Development Lead
Vinh Pham Sy
Product Manager
Long Vu Hoang
2D Concept Lead
Duong Nguyen Ngoc
3D Art Lead
Khoa Tran Anh
3D Art Mentor
Nhan Le Van
Marketing Lead
Nhan Tran Van
Web Development Lead
Huong Anh Nguyen Thi
Graphic Design Lead
Rook Digital - Social Media Partner
Lee Castillo
Social Media Lead