Attributes System

Attributes System

Updated At: 04 April 2022

Every RoE Avatar has three core attributes: might, agility, and determination.

Your character will have 150 points to allocate among these three, but you can only devote a maximum of 80 points to a single attribute. Racial bonuses can help you soar higher, though.

Ashkin Forging

This core attribute determines your max HP, how damaging your blows are, and how much inventory you can carry. It will be key for barbarian/fighter type of player strategies, as they will need both the increased HP and the heavy melee damage output.


This core attribute determines your dodge/parry chance, how fast you can perform actions, your base speed, and also your damage with weapons that have the "finesse" characteristic. Players hoping to use a monk/rogue kind of strategy should consider allocating lots of points to this attribute.


This attribute is a mystical representation of your character's force of will. It will determine your resistance against crippling effects (poison, paralysis, frost, etc...), but also how proficient you are at magically modifying reality to your wishes. It takes a strong will to influence reality in such a way. Professional spellcasters are usually very determined.