Combat modes

Combat modes

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Updated At: 04 April 2022

ombat plays a central role in any MMO. Likewise, it is one among the four core values of Realms of Ethernity, which are Explore, Battle, Community and Earn.

Combat modes

Once players enter the game, they will fight creeps and monsters on the map, known as PvE. Then the higher level of combat is between player and player (PvP), between clans and parties (MOBA). And the ultimate concept for battle in RoE will be a massive war among nations.

Different types of battle will reward players with different values from gold coins, special equipment/wearables, rare materials to huge sums of fortune.

Combat modes

Below is the chart illustrating the four main combat modes in RoE:

Kill mob
Kill monsters on the ground
Kill monsters in specific maps
Boss Fight
Kill special monsters in designed areas
Legal Fight
Challenge in Lawzone Free fight in Outlaw zone
Illegal Fight
Force Attack in Lawzone
Public Match
Party Join in League of Country
Custom Match
Party Join Battle with another party*
Realm Fight League
League of Lords only*

*Can Bring special Troops

Massive PvP
Clan Wars
Clan vs Clan 50vs50
Meteor Dispute
Free Fight in Outlaw zone
Castle Siege
Register for ATK/DEF Force 100:100
National War
Register for National X:X
Battle with Powerful NPC in Battlefield
Clan VS NPC National
Battle with Giant beast in Battlefield

Kingdom Wars

layers can buy, build land (in $RETH) and expand it into powerful kingdoms. Kingdoms can declare war on one another.

Combat modes

When a war is declared, the name of enemy clanmates will appear in red. You can attack members of an enemy clan whenever you see them, even if you are inside a town. The only safe zones in war are personal land, which cannot be invaded.

The occupier will have to defend against the attacker with the highest stakes. If the attacking side loses, the bet is lost. Half is recovered by the game publisher, half is paid to the defenders. If the defenders lose, they lose the territory and half of the tax amount stored on the last day. Taxes are paid by week. The term for occupation is once every 4 weeks. Some territories derived from the player's Destiny also play a similar role, but cannot be occupied nor expanded.

A war can be ended if the leaders of both clans sign a peace treaty, which contain conditions and even declare a winner, who will take home certain spoils of war.