$RETH Token

$RETH Token

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Updated At: 04 April 2022

$RETH Token

$RETH token

The $RETH token is designed to be the main token of the game, used for trading in-game valuable NFT assets and items, while players will risk their lives fighting monsters or complete quests for the in-game gold coins. This separate use of token and in-game currency works to fuel the incentives to play and secures our players with a stable and sustainable economy - which is of top priority when we design the game. $RETH holders will be also able to participate in governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of The Ethernity ecosystem.

Token Utility

In-Game Uses

$RETH tokens will have the main use of trading NFT assets/items on the marketplace. It will not be seen or have any direct use in-game.


The purpose of the liquidity mining program is to distribute $RETH from the Realms of Ethernity Treasury to early RoE community members to:

Achieve a distributed holding of $RETH tokens across more of the RoE community
Incentivize new people to participate in the RoE community
To enable a more liquid and transparent market for the trading of $RETH

The greater the size of the RoE community, the greater the prospects of decentralized governance as well as a self-regulating community that discourages bad actors and manipulation of governance and the game. Once the game is launched, users can stake $RETH as a signal of belief and support in the game and its governance model and receive access to governance and distributions from in-game fees.


When you stake RETH tokens, you'll be able to participate in voting in the upcoming Realms of Ethernity DAO, which will own and govern the future of the project. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization.

With the DAO, one RETH token will equate to one vote, so if you hold more tokens, then you will be given a bigger say in the project's future.