The Gameplay

The Gameplay

Updated At: 04 April 2022

The Gameplay

magine a World of Warcraft-inspired open world, now built with blockchain technology where players can truly own their inventory and earn real cash from their gaming experience…

Inside Realms of Ethernity, players can interact with the game just like any other classic MMORPGs, e.g explore dungeons, kill monsters for rewards or battle with other players…Nonetheless, we proudly introduce the dual currency of in-game gold coins and the token named $RETH that works to empower players to immerse themselves in the game and earn from their play!

The open world of RoE brings to players a limitless possibilities of things to do: they can become a fighter, or they can be a crafter, an explorer, a detective to solve mysteries,… Anything they can imagine once players enter the realms.

In the game, we integrate a special set of quests and attributes called the “Destiny”, acting as a special game pass to players who own it. Special in-game assets as NFT are minted along the way that bring advancements to players. They can be crafted, bought or sold on the marketplace.

Alongside their journey, players can buy, build, expand their own kingdoms. Kingdom owners can start wars to conquer other kingdoms and collect tax from all activities within the owned lands.

Communities, as one of the core traits that defines success of an MMO, will be built and consolidated upon time. To enhance it, we introduce the Bond feature, a way to co-work with other players to complete quests in a team (such as killing bosses, mining, farming,...) and split the rewards.

The RoE will be released in seasons with a given premise for the very first season. The ultimate ending of each season is expected to be a Kingdom or a Nation war. How each season ends will be determined by players, and this very ending will lead to the start of the next season.

By that, players will be ones who write the next chapters for Realms of Ethernity!