Updated At: 04 April 2022

Humans are one of the main races of the Ether. They have an ancient origin in the small seeds that Ugatha planted in this new universe. Humans have average stature, height ranges from 1.60m to 1.80m. Their lifespan is around 70-80 years old. The outstanding feature of huma is their adaptability and strong will to live. Depending on the region of growth, humans have different appearances.

There are three subraces of Human that players can choose from:


They concentrate on Float East and Cape Milvus. Skyborns were originally humans who were rehabilitated by the Dolhm for experiments to bring humans to live on floating islands. They inherited a lot of scientific and technical knowledge of the Dolhm, but did not have the natural ability to use magic like them. Do the Skyborn found a way to fill this weakness by combining magic and science.


They settle across Scorchstone and the Broken Isles. The Ashkins belong to the original genus of humans; their ancestors descended from the fertile land of the center of Ether, the Kentral region. From there they spread out across the continent meeting other races. An Ashkin branch goes north up Scorchstone, another settles at Kentral. Ashkin are strong, resourceful and sociable. The central region where the Ashkins lived quickly prospered and became crowded, welcoming migrants of historical ethnic wars.


They scatter in the caves and high cities of the Guardian Mountain region. They are the indigenous clans of the Lakelands. The Surfang people developed their agriculture quite early; their abundant agriculture leveraged Surfang's civilization to develop by leaps and bounds. This also made Surfang prey to surrounding powerful clans. For thousands of years, the Dai Nam Kingdom went on war with the three-eyed Chin people of the North, the great Amer Harpy of Umbr Mountain, and also sporadic conflicts as the Surfang people expanded southward with Moonkin and Mediuse.

Like the Magma Tribe of the Orcs who worshiped Hagan, the Surfang people worshiped Tuup as the ancestors of their clan. This roots the Surfang's natural power and water-type magic.